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Aetna now using Availity

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Aetna is now working with Availity, a company that says it makes it easier for you to keep your demographic information current for providers in California, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Lousiana, Maryland, Missouri, Oregon, Utah, Virgina, Washington, DC, Washington State, Wyoming for Medicare directory information updates.

Chapter 4 of the Medicare Managed Care Manual states that CMS requires Medicare Advantage organizations to contact their network/contracted providers on a quarterly basis to update the information in their directories.

I don't find this news that Aetna is choosing Availity good or "Easier", because I am already maintaining other accounts like CAQH and Delta's PhysicianApp Central something or other. This industry is obviously popping up due to ACA regulation changes over the past decade but the unintended consequences of this will create a XM/Siruis market situation where the users/subscribers(covered entities/providers) only want one portal to maintain.

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